Pink & Gold

I love the color pink. I know… kind of stereotypical for a Mary Kay Lady to like pink… but I  just. can’t. help. it! I also have an obsessive fondness for gold… or at least anything that shimmers, glitters, and sparkles. Sparkly crystals or rhinestones?! Yes, please!! But I especially LOVE the combination of pink and gold! I think using gold as an accent has a way of bringing sophistication to the girliness of pink.

And I was just lucky enough to get the chance to work with a bride to bring her gorgeous pink and gold wedding to life: from the wedding invitation envelopes all the way to the escort and table cards. She was such a joy to work with and her mom was a hoot!

Thank you to Sara, of Sara Mac Photography, for sharing your captures of my work in action!




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Silhouette Poinsettia Flower & Card

One of my lovely Silhouette customers messaged me today to say how much she had fumbled and played around with my Silhouette Poinsettia Flower & Card design to try and cut out the white design.

poinsettia flower & card

I can totally see how misleading it is from the picture… it appears that there is a matte included that can be cut for this shape. Sadly, I didn’t design it that way. I intended for it to be placed onto any size/shape of paper that you wish. However, you also deserve a matte to go around it as well! So here it is for you to download for FREE! Please remember, it is for personal use only. 🙂 To insert it into your Silhouette, open the application, go to File, then Import to My Library. It will be added under My Library > My Own Designs.

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Where have I been?!?

WOW! I am so humbled by all of my fabulous clients I’ve had in the last month! I’ve had the privilege to design two logos for Righteous Denim and Moments of Grace Photography; create one custom address stamp for a sweet girlfriend of mine; hand letter and calligraph wedding invitations, chalkboards, and appetizer labels for a gorgeous bride; design a sweet sixteen invitation, and manage to sneak in some new designs to my Silhouette Contributing Artist page.

Below is a sneak peak of all my happenings:

DSC02597DSC02605     DSC02607 2
Joee Seibel final logoimage_1365179473574025Righteous Denim pocket logo

One of my favorite new uploads to my Silhouette page is this set of two sketch frames:


Thanks to everyone who made the last two months full of fun projects for me! I’m up for the adventure again!

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Spring is in the air!

Well… not really.


As you can see, we had much more than a dusting of snow yesterday. Jaylee, our American Eskimo, begs to go outside every hour or so just so she can eat another mouthful of snow. Ice cubes are one of her favorite treats, so I guess snow falls in that same category for her. Anyways, she’s had a fun last couple of days playing in the snow.


I, on the other hand, am just itching for Spring to be here! I’m ready to be back outside around our fire pit in the evenings, for fun walks around the neighborhood, and to pull out sandals and cute capris.

My Mary Kay appointments rescheduled for the day, so I had some spare time to put together these fun cards for my girlfriends. The nice thing about my Mary Kay business is that I am never short of friends or reasons to pull out my calligraphy pen!




I am gearing up for another wedding calligraphy project in the next couple of weeks… addressing over 180 wedding invitations! I can’t wait!! If you’d like me to turn your envelopes into a piece of art, just visit my shop.

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