Q: What is your creative process?
I LOVE to find inspiration from Pinterest, nature, my family, and specific needs for designs. In fact, I usually start with a hand-drawn image, scan the image, and then use Adobe Illustrator to digitize it.

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Q: What are your favorite tools of the trade?
Micron pens and Pilot Extra Fine Precise V5 rolling ball pens for inking my designs. At the moment, my favorite nib for my calligraphy work is a Mitchell Copperplate Elbow.

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Q: Where can I purchase your designs?
Find all of my sketch and die cut designs on the Silhouette Online Store. Of course, you will need a Silhouette machine of your own (or a sister’s to borrow, like I did) to use the designs.

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Q: Can you make me a custom (insert your request)?
Yes! Visit my Order page, download my Calligraphy & Graphic Design Guide, and then message me with your requests and information

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Q: Who made your website?
I designed and built my website via WordPress.

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Q: Can I use pictures from your blog on my blog?
Of course! Unless otherwise specified, all designs, photos, tutorials, and illustrations are created by me. All I ask is that if you link to it or borrow it, give Emilime Designs™ the credit and include a link to my site. And I will do the same for you! (If you have questions concerning this, feel free to contact me.)

Still have questions? Get in touch!

Thanks for visiting! xoxo, Emilee


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