Destination Wedding in Cancun

It’s wedding day for Elena and Eric!! Congratulations!! I hope you’re having a shaking (pun intended) good time in Cancun!! Elena asked me early on in my pregnancy this last summer to hand letter and illustrate on some maracas; I truly was looking forward to this project because I knew it would be one of the first ones I would get to do after my pregnancy and once the girls were here.

I also had the privilege to address Elena & Eric’s wedding envelopes for the as well! Their classic gold and white wedding details come together nicely for their beach wedding. I’m always a fan of gold if you’re wanting something timeless and classic.


Happy wedding day to you both!

Custom Calligraphy Canvases

Fun Fact of 2017: I gave birth to identical twin girls on February 13th of this year. I was also very VERY sick with Hyperemesis Gravidarum beginning at 5.5 weeks all the way through to the end of my pregnancy. As a result, much of my calligraphy and design work got put on the back burner during that entire time. Except for one “little” project that I did for myself. It was my happy place during a dark, dark time in my life. I spent most of it in bed, in the hospital, or at the toilet, but the 10 minutes of relief I would have in between sleeping and sick spells, I would drag myself to my downstairs office and work on some calligraphy art canvases for my not-yet-born daughters. For a moment… I could be back in my element and dream about the beautiful girls that would one day appreciate these pieces. So these canvases have a special place in my heart.

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Photo by Gina Dreher Photography

This room is my happy place. So when I shared pictures on Instagram of my twins’ nursery after they were born, I wasn’t necessarily surprised that my post went viral. I was surprised, though, at the requests I would get to recreate these calligraphy canvases for other moms and their daughters. I just loved the pieces for myself, and it’s been humbling to know that other moms are loving my work as well. And now that I am healthy, healed, and finally getting the girls into somewhat of a “schedule” (Ha! Yeah right! #twinmomprobs) getting some help with the girls, I have been able to set some time aside to get back into my art and calligraphy projects.

So, I have decided to start offering custom calligraphy canvases for other moms who love these pieces as much as I do! They come in a couple different options: with or without the floral artwork, a choice of paint color (including custom swatch matching), and varying canvas sizes.

To give you an idea: these canvases were 30 inches x 24 inches, painted in rose gold ink to match the cribs, and included my botanical floral artwork. My husband made and stained the frames to match the ampersand we purchased from Hobby Lobby. The frame would be an additional cost, but you can find the DIY custom canvas frame instructions here that we used to create your own! Because each piece is hand painted and carefully arranged by myself (and with newborn twins on my plate), please allow me a month to finish your artwork.

Contact me to request more information, details, and current pricing on these different options for a custom calligraphy canvas. I’d LOVE to work with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece for your nursery, child’s room, or home!

Oh, and the cribs… those lovely pieces of rose gold metal that my husband agreed to let me purchase in a moment of weakness (I was in the ER after hours uncontrollably vomiting)… yeah… he agreed to let me have those too along with my fancy breast pump from Naya Health. The cribs are from Incy Interiors. I purchased the cribs before we knew we were having girls. I secretly hoped and wished for girls, but I was determined to make them work either way, even if we had boys. These were more of a “for mommy” purchase than they were for the babies. 🙂

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Photo by Gina Dreher Photography

Modern Calligraphy Workshop

emilime learn calligraphy.png

Ever wanted to learn modern calligraphy? I am honored to be partnering with Love of Character to bring you a Beginners Modern Calligraphy Class Saturday, August 27th @ 2pm. Cost is $100 per student, however, this will include ALL of your supplies, some delightful goodies and treats, and of course extra practice materials to take home with you to continue developing your skills. Space is limited. Click here to register:

You will also receive the needed supplies to use during and after the class:

• Straight pen holder
• Oblique pen holder
• Black ink
• Ink holder
• Nibs:
       Nikki G nib
       Gillott 404 nib
       Mitchell copperplate elbow nib
       Hunt 101 nib
• Pencil
• Instructional booklet
• Alphabet specimens sheet
• Tracing paper
• Lined Practice paper
Snacks and beverages will be provided.
Tickets are nonrefundable, but transferable to someone else if you are unable to attend. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get situated and setup for class. Excited to see you there!

Moments of Grace Photography Notecard Design

I had the privilege of working with a wonderful friend, photographer, and co-doggie lover of mine. Check out her website here:

I was so honored and privileged to get to help design and work with her on her branding. She was such a joy to work with!

photo credit: Moments of Grace Photography

I had WAY too much fun with this project! Below are some other mockups I did for this project.

Pink & Gold

I love the color pink. I know… kind of stereotypical for a Mary Kay Lady to like pink… but I  just. can’t. help. it! I also have an obsessive fondness for gold… or at least anything that shimmers, glitters, and sparkles. Sparkly crystals or rhinestones?! Yes, please!! But I especially LOVE the combination of pink and gold! I think using gold as an accent has a way of bringing sophistication to the girliness of pink.

And I was just lucky enough to get the chance to work with a bride to bring her gorgeous pink and gold wedding to life: from the wedding invitation envelopes all the way to the escort and table cards. She was such a joy to work with and her mom was a hoot!

Thank you to Sara, of Sara Mac Photography, for sharing your captures of my work in action!




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