Spring is in the air!

Well… not really.


As you can see, we had much more than a dusting of snow yesterday. Jaylee, our American Eskimo, begs to go outside every hour or so just so she can eat another mouthful of snow. Ice cubes are one of her favorite treats, so I guess snow falls in that same category for her. Anyways, she’s had a fun last couple of days playing in the snow.


I, on the other hand, am just itching for Spring to be here! I’m ready to be back outside around our fire pit in the evenings, for fun walks around the neighborhood, and to pull out sandals and cute capris.

My Mary Kay appointments rescheduled for the day, so I had some spare time to put together these fun cards for my girlfriends. The nice thing about my Mary Kay business is that I am never short of friends or reasons to pull out my calligraphy pen!




I am gearing up for another wedding calligraphy project in the next couple of weeks… addressing over 180 wedding invitations! I can’t wait!! If you’d like me to turn your envelopes into a piece of art, just visit my shop.

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