Custom Calligraphy Stamps

My husband and I have never invested the pennies to purchase return labels for our letters. I’ve never particularly liked the look, so in the past I usually hand wrote our return address every time we mailed a letter. But I decided enough was enough! I found some really cute ideas off of Etsy and from one of my favorite calligraphers, So I decided it would be a good excuse to put my new found love for calligraphy into craft-mode.

I hand inked the design with my Crowquill pen and nib, scanned the design, tweaked the image in Illustrator, and then submitted it to an online store that took my custom design and turned it into a beautiful rubber stamp.


I am so excited how these turned out! I had to make one for my sister of course, too! She couldn’t be left out. And several of my besties have one coming for them too, they just don’t know it yet. Shhh… don’t tell them!


Do you want one for yourself? Visit my shop and I’ll custom design a whimsical stamp just for you!

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