My Silhouette Contributing Artist’s Page


You can view my designs on the Silhouette Online Store.

Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Emilee and I am a Wichita, Kansas native. Creativity and art has always been a part of my life. I think growing up with extremely creative, funny, and talented parents has part to do with it. They, along with my sister and husband, have encouraged me to “do something” with my designs, and much of that started with some freelance jobs designing wedding stationery for family and friends.

When my sister received a Silhouette CAMEO™ for Christmas last year, I immediately determined that my artwork HAD to somehow contribute to this amazing community. Probably my favorite feature of the Silhouette CAMEO™ is the sketch pens. I LOVE that it can mass produce my designs quickly and perfectly! And you’ll discover a lot of my designs take full advantage of this feature.

I have my Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Wichita State University, which included many classes in graphic design and technology; moreover, I am a self-taught artist and designer.

My husband and I, along with our 3-year old American Eskimo and orange Tabby Cat reside in Wichita. We spend many of our free evenings with family in the countryside sitting around the fire pit.


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